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Julian Clary's Third Novel

Whoever said the afterlife would be easy...
Noël Coward is the toast of twenties society... a brilliant playwright, composer and entertainer whose witty songs and pithy lines don't quite tell the full story. Goldenhurst, his house in Kent, provides a place where he can be himself. And more importantly where he can be with his lover, Jack, without fear of arrest or judgement...

But their romantic idyll is ruined, first by the arrival of Noel's demanding relatives and then by a mysterious death...

Many years later, film star and Coward fan Richard Stent buys the house from its current owner. But Richard has problems of his own. Goldenhurst is supposed to be a respite from all his worries but this is a house with a very rich and not always pleasant history. And more than one thing is about to go bump in the night...
A haunting tale of love, obsession and a house full of spirits, not all of them blithe...


Stephen Fry
'As wickedly witty as Noel Coward'

Fay Weldon
'So clever, so funny, so romantic, and scary too. I don't know how he does it!'

The Northern Echo
'Known more for his acerbic humour than his writing, Julian Clary’s, pictured, third novel is a wondrous and witty story that rises crescendo-like into a magnificently sculpted piece of dark horror. Briefs Encountered is a twisting tale of families, lovers, mysterious deaths and obsession.'


• 'Packed with humour, wit, warmth, pathos, dark tragedy and a pleasing twist at the end, this is a rattling good read; wonderful material for a TV miniseries or film. Julian Clary is proving himself to be a first class novelist, I can’t wait to see what he writes next.' - GillyP

• 'I absolutely loved Briefs Encountered, a wicked, camp page-turner of a novel filled with love, betrayal, ghosts, murder and twists and turns. A wonderful read that had me laughing, cringing and even some tears at the end. Fantastic!' - Martin Belcher


• 'The book has everything ~ romance, intrigue, mysterious death, more romance and should satisfy any reader with its wit, charm, romance, more romance and carefully hand-picked innuendo and double entendres that we have grown to know and love from this bastion of gay and camp culture. Clary is almost single-handedly (pun intended) sustaining the brittle wit and skilful observation of the Master he so duly honours here.' - David Spanswick

• 'I've never read any of Julian Clary's other books, but I will after reading this one. I read it in three nights and didn't want to put it down. Clary can certainly write and the book is sad, emotional, happy, camp, smutty and funny. I like the style of the writing and the way the story pulls you in. I recommend this whole-heartedly.' - P. Campbell

• 'I enjoyed this book. Julian Clary writes very well and has created an involving novel. It wasn't quite what I expected - given the title and his persona as an ultra-camp purveyor of double entendres I thought it would be a smut-filled comedy. While he doesn't shrink from occasional smut and there are certainly some very funny lines, this is actually a novel about love, trust and betrayal which is touching, thoughtful and quite scary in places.' - Sid Nuncius

• 'A good number of years ago, I read Julian Clary's candid autobiography and was impressed. But this is the first of his novels that I have tackled. And it is delightful. It is light, entertaining, frothy but also with some neat wit and a few scares along the way. He almost perfectly captures the essence of Noel Coward from time to time - but without descending into mere pastiche. It is neatly constructed and always engaging. A characterful romp that you will enjoy reading - and what more can you ask?' - Simon Tevener

• 'It is a BRILLIANT book - it has everything - romance, intrigue, humour, sadness, difficult times, the dark side and very very many surprises inter woven. It truly is a page turner - and I guarantee that you will not want to put this book down.' - Mrs C

• 'Julian Clary has written an excellent tale here - a real page turner. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it hard to put down. Recommended.' - T Walker

• 'I adored Julian Clary's last novel, the deliciously bitchy Devil in Disguise, so was very excited to get my hands on his new offering and wasn't in the least disappointed; this is, if anything, even better than his last. Packed with humour, wit, warmth, pathos, dark tragedy and a pleasing twist at the end, this is a rattling good read; wonderful material for a TV miniseries or film. Julian Clary is proving himself to be a first class novelist, I can't wait to see what he writes next.' - Book Critic

• 'Julian Clary writes beautifully. He manipulates words economically to create vivid pictures of people, places and moods and, at the same time, drives the plot a long at a fair pace. Above all he is funny. 'Wit' is a much misused word, often deployed to camouflage sarcasm. Julian Clary is witty. He uses words to create humour and fun. A glorious book.' - Mrs K A P Wright

• 'Well, I've never read any of Julian Clary's books before, but after reading 'Briefs Encountered', that is something that I intend to remedy as soon as possible. I LOVED this irreverent, witty, funny, spooky, and sometimes sad jaunt which crosses from the past to the present quite beautifully, in my opinion. I've always liked Julian as a personality, and am delighted to find that he is also a very accomplished author. I totally loved this rather gorgeous, well written and endearingly enjoyable book. Highly recommended.' - laineyf

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