Panto Christmas 2017

Panto Christmas 2016

Julian Clary starred in Cinderella
at the London Palladium
9th December 2016 - 15th January 2017

also starring Paul O'Grady,
Amanda Holden, Lee Mead, Paul Zerdin, Nigel Havers,
Count Arthur Strong

Panto 2015/16

Julian Clary starred in Aladdin
Birmingham Hippodrome
Sat 19 December to Sun 31 January 2016

Birmingham Hippodrome’s spectacular pantomime extravaganza Aladdin with MARTI PELLOW as Abanazar, JULIAN CLARY as Slave of the Ring, LEE MEAD as Aladdin and MATT SLACK as Wishee Washee.

Stourbridge News
"It's a perfectly pitched, characteristically dry close from Julian Clary as he brings the Birmingham Hippodrome's 2015 panto of choice, Aladdin, to a close, bedecked in another outrageous, gloriously over-the-top costume creation that would have Lady Gaga reaching for her meat dress in envious rage.
From his endless supply of double entendres to blisteringly poking fun at the ludicrousness of practically everything throughout ... Clary, as the 'Slave of the Ring' (trust me, it's milked for all it's worth) definitely brings an edgier, wittier bite to the show, and an extra flavour to the funny that the adults in particular will find both welcome and hilarious. Plus, the sight of him re-enacting Beyonce's 'Single Ladies' dance routine or Johnny Cash's 'The Ring of Fire' is too barmily wonderful to describe."

Birmingham Mail
"This show is packed full of content, jokes, ever-changing colourful sets and simply wonderful costumes. Julian has nine amazing ones as the Slave of the Ring – cue lots of double entendres about rings. He manages to stay just this side of decency, but only he could get away with some of his lines."

The Stage
"There is absolutely no brake on Julian Clary's neatly turned double entendres."

Panto 2014/15

Julian Clary starred in Cinderella
at the Grand Theatre Wolverhampton
Saturday 6th December 2014 to Sunday 18th January 2015

REVIEW by Richard Edmonds - Birmingham Post

"There's a flash of stage lighting, a sound crash from the band and Julian Clary walks on as Dandini.

The costume is camp 18th century, very like its wearer, but Mr Clary is a true professional, nothing pale or scented here but a robust, slightly weary take on a tiresome world.

In fact, behind that tranquil gaze lurks a shrewd performer with an adder's tongue, a man who is probably as tall as John Wayne and rather like Wayne is never up-staged and never raises his voice to achieve an effect."

REVIEW by Kyle Pedley - Stourbridge News

"Julian Clary as the naturally flamboyant Dandini deadpans his way through proceedings with wit and innuendo to spare. Throwing barbs at the audience, his fellow cast and, of course, plenty of knowing winks and nudges to the ludicrousness of the whole thing, Clary, as expected, dominates the show.

He’s the perfect levity for adults, with many of his double entendres likely to go over the heads of the younger audiences, who will nevertheless find plenty to enjoy in his over the top costumes, occasional dances and even the odd musical number, all of which are hilarious by dint of their awfulness, Clary adopting a spoken-sung approach which again fits perfectly with his light-hearted derision at the show as a whole.

It’s worth pointing out that Clary is a routine panto stalwart, and whilst he gets a lot of mileage and laughs out of his putdowns, asides and cutting wordplay in general, it never crosses over into mean-spiritedness or cynicism."

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